Songs for Young Children

What’ll We Do with the Baby-O?:

I See the Moon:

Bye ‘m Bye:

Mr. Rooster & All Around the Kitchen:

Jennie Jenkins:

June Apple/ Gingerbread Song:

Lark in the Morning/ Baby in the Morning:

Madlenka Song:   This song is based on the charming book Madlenka by Peter Sis. It is about his daughter, Madlenka when she was little. When I do the song with children I give them various signs that display “hello” in various langauges to hold up when they hear that word in the langauge of the sign in the song.

When Cows Get up in the Morning:

Bluebird Bluebird:


Martin Luther King Jr. Preschool Song:

Transcontinental RR Dream:

Hello Everybody:

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