Here is a YouTube sample of my work:

Among the stories that I have adapted from folk and fairy tales are musical folktales with a forgiving ending, dealing with bullies in a positive way, a fairy tale (with a Texas twist) about using kind words and a story about my gracious mother.

Little Red Hen Storysong:

A new take on the ending!

Three Bears Jazz Chant:

Not a well-known fact about Goldilocks: we don’t know what her real hair color is! The reason everybody thinks she’s blonde is because she wears a wig when breaking into bear’s houses. This is not just an ordinary wig!  Goldilocks’ wig is actually made from a mop head! That’s right- a mop head that you usually twist onto the end of a mop (to mop your floor). But Goldilocks’ mop-wig turned yellower and yellower with age. And what’s more, the wig smells because Goldilocks never washes it! So now that mop-wig is so dirty that it also has purple and green spots of mold on it. So Goldilocks could be any girl at all, not necessarily blonde!

Three Billy Goats Play Baseball

The Three Billy Goats Gruff had a unique way of solving their bully problem in this musical version of Billy Goats Gruff. I wrote this song to help children deal with bullies in a constructive and non-violent way.

Toads and Diamonds, Texas-Style!

Listen to a story about my Mama:


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